COVID 19 Office Update

COVID 19 Office Update

Dental Associates Of Cape Cod Office Update

Our community has been through a lot over the last few months, and all of us are looking forward to resuming our normal habits and routines. While many things have changed, one thing has remained the same:
our commitment to your safety and to your dental health.

Our office has begun to see patients for much-needed care.
At this time, we will be open Monday-Friday and closed on Saturday until further notice.

Our entire staff has been working hard training and implementing additional safety precautions for our staff and our patients as a result of the pandemic. Infection control has always been a top priority for our practice, and
you have likely already seen this during your visits to our office.

You will see some changes when it is time for your next appointment. We made these changes to help protect our patients and staff. These include:

Our office will communicate with you beforehand to ask some screening questions. You’ll be asked those same questions again when you are in the office.


Upon arrival, you will remain in your car and call or text the office to let us know you are here.

NOTE: Please be aware that all persons entering the building must wear a mask (except while having dental procedures performed). Due to a limited supply of PPE (personal protective equipment) we are not able to supply patients with masks, gloves or any protective equipment. Please plan accordingly. Please also leave all unnecessary personal belongings in your car. While you are in the office for your appointment, we ask that you limit your use of the restroom unless absolutely necessary.

Once our staff is ready for your appointment, we will call or text you and ask that you proceed to the “designated entrance”.


Please ring the doorbell and then wait on the step for a staff member to come to greet you. Only the patient will be allowed in the operatory.

You will be asked a series of questions and we will take your temperature. If your screening is acceptable then we will proceed with your appointment. If for any reason it is deemed that you are a risk to the staff or other patients, your appointment will be rescheduled.


We will ask you to thoroughly wash your hands after you enter the office. You may also be asked to rinse with a hydrogen peroxide/water mixture prior to beginning treatment on you. We will have hand sanitizer in the reception area and as well as several other places in the office for you to use as needed.

Note: Please be aware that we are only allowing the patient in the office at this time. Children 8 and under or those with special needs may be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

Limited Chairs, NO Magazines, No Children’s Toys

You will see that our waiting room has a very limited number of chairs to allow for social distancing. Our waiting room will no longer offer magazines, children’s toys and so forth, since those items are difficult to clean and disinfect. At this time we will be limiting patients in the waiting room to new patients only that are doing any necessary intake forms for their appointment.

Schedule Your Appointment

Appointments will be managed to allow for social distancing between patients. We apologize but that might mean that you’re offered fewer options (days and times) for scheduling your appointment.

We will do our best to allow greater time between patients to reduce waiting times for you, as well as to reduce the number of patients in the reception area at any one time.

We look forward to seeing you all again soon and are happy to answer any questions you may have about the steps we take to keep you, and every patient, safe in our practice.


Reasons That You Might Be Refused To Enter The Building


No Mask On Face

You have no face covering at all


High Body Temperature

You have elevated temperature. (Tip: Your temperature will be taken before entering the building so keep your car air-conditioner running when waiting at the parking lot if it is hot out, to avoid false fever)


COVID-19 Symptoms

You have COVID-19 symptoms at your appointment such as shortness of breath, cough and fever.

To make an appointment, please call our office at 508-778-1200. Thank you for being our patient! We value your trust and loyalty and look forward to welcoming back our patients, neighbors, and friends.

Sincerely, Dr. Michael Seidman, Dr. Janet Butts, and Dr Rahman Ullah